juni 26th, 2019

Part of Råderum’s project PLACEMAKING is included as a case and research object in a new interesting publication titled: Art, Culture and Participation. The author is Hjørdis Brandrup Kortbek, who was a researcher on the art project in 2015. “Now there are sounds and colors, and then you become happy” The value of participatory art in the public space. Edited by Birgit Erikson, Mette Houlberg Rung and Anne Scott Sørensen, it is published on Aarhus Universitetsforlag,-kultur-og-deltagelse

Christian Elovara Dinesen: ÅBEN, 2015. Fra Placemaking, Køge. Foto: Råderum.

Christian Elovara Dinesen: OPEN, 2015. From Placemaking, Køge. Foto: Råderum.

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