Råderum has extensive experience in curating art exhibitions, primarily outside the institution. When it comes to the settlement of temporary or permanent art projects in public space, Råderum carries out parts of or all the curatorial facets. Based on a thorough mapping of the site and its users we develop the concept, designate the artists and produce an artistic strategy as well as a production plan. We negotiate with technicians, obtain permits and make contact with the local community and other stakeholders. We will also handle the distribution and dissemination of the exhibition and will, if wanted, take responsibility of PR and communication. Besides that we also offer to manage finances as well as supervision with installation.

Contact us for more information or read more in our presentation folder (in danish).


Råderum curated the temporary exhibition Urban Play at Søndre Havn in Køge. Here is one of the works, a floating sauna made by Rintala/Eggertsson Architects (NO/FI/IS).