Faites comme chez vous and Visual Report, Dakar

In late May Råderum in collaboration with Raw Material Company presented the master class program, Visual Reports, in Dakar, Senegal with participation of the Danish artists and artist groups A-Kassen, Kenneth A. Balfelt, Mie Mørkeberg and Wooloo, who were all exhibited in Make Yourself at Home at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Along side the  international artists  Otobong Nkanga, Philip Aguirre Y Otegui, Fatim, Kan-si, George Osodi, Fatou Kandé Senghor and Piniang the Danish artists have been working and exchanging knowledge from across the European and African continent. Under the title Faites comme chez vous the art works produced during the program are exhibited at the newly established arts center, Raw Residency, Dakar.
In the autumn of 2010 Charlotte Bagger Brandt, Råderum and the Senegal curator Koyo Kouoh’s, Raw Material Company, created the exhibition Make Yourself at Home at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (read about the exhibition here). Visual Report is the continuation of the curatorial collaboration.

In March Råderum send an employee on a three-month residency in Dakar with Raw Residency to prepare and plan the settings for Visual Reports; the series of master classes,which will culminate in an exhibition (follow Margrethe’s blog here ). The participating artists are invited to a week stay in Dakar, where they, together with other internationally renowned artists from the exhibition Make Yourself at Home, are engaged in a number of local studio visits and artistic salons. The goal of Visual Report is to actively enhance exchanges between Danish artists and agents from the international contemporary artscene, and to provide a forum for (visual) reflection on the themes from Make Yourself at Home such as hospitality and domesticity within a new and exciting frame.

For the participating Danish artists, this is a unique opportunity to display their works in new settings and contexts, and to expand their network on the African continent.

The master class program is supported by The Danish Arts Council