Værker der virker / Works at work

Værker der Virker/Works at Work at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, 1051 København K. 20th June to 30th August 2009. Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday 12-5 pm Monday closed Curated by Charlotte Bagger Brandt, Råderum, – office for Contemporary Art

What do a canal tour, a hot-air balloon, a space full of taughtened strings, a very long bench with eight coat pegs, a wooden building set, a comic strip, a sand sculpture and an oversized bed have in common? 

Answer: they are all works of art in the exhibition Works at Work at Kunsthal Charlottenborg this summer. The exhibition focuses on the artistic processes and on experimentation, in which the artwork is not completed by the artist’s hand, but rather when the work finds its “right” form through the active participation of the visitors at exhibition.


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As a unique feature of the exhibition, the artists Bosch & Fjord will be opening Kunsthal Charlottenborg at Friday nights for visitors, and inviting guests to spend the night in their work entitled Culture Camp – a very unusual environment for people to get together, and a gesture of hospitality. In their work The Other Tour, the group Women down the Pub has transformed an old summer classic, the canal tour of Copenhagen, into a harbour trip which shows a different side of the city. The work focuses on the right to be different but still included in society’s history. The Other Tour will depart six times a day from DFDS Canal Tours in Nyhavn. 

Both of these artworks challenge and work with art in the field of social relations, and establish new frameworks for encounters between people. The same is true of Collective Strings and of the aural work by the Swedish group Urban Sound Institute. Their installation Sound Stories will due to the participation of the public, be altered and refined during the entire exhibition. Urban Sound Institute invites the public to take a walk and while recording sounds in the cityspace, and then return to the exhibition to integrate the recording into a sound collage that can be heard in the exhibiton space of Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

In Collective Strings, guests can become part of a collective work which is stretched out in strings both inside and outside Kunsthallen. 

The exhibition thus works with down-to-earth materials and situations from daily life, while at the same time divesting these of their everyday character to reveal aspects which can be poetic, dynamic, thought-provoking or political. 

The creative network ArtRebels and the collective of artists, designers, architects and musicians Büro Detours take a similar approach; ArtRebels invite the visitors to a hot-air balloon trip at the exhibition, and teach us how to work professionally with sand as a building material, while Büro Detours allow a city to grow up beneath the ceilings of the exhibition space, and offer Royal camping outside in the courtyard of Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Everyone is invited to join in and enhance the creations. There will be also be jazz concerts in association with Copenhagen Jazz Festival, an ArtCrusing in association with World Outgames and a programme of workshops in which the artists from Works at Work will encourage the public to play an active role.

Participating art-groups:
Art Rebels in collaboration with Christian Kornum, Maria Torp, SHFT and Ultra Grøn (DK), Bosch & Fjord, (NE/DK) Büro Detours (DK), Collective String Project/Karoline H. Larsen (DK) Kvinder på Værtshus Different Voices (DK), Parfyme (DK) and Urban Sound Institute (SE).

Media partner Newspaper Politiken

Exhibition Co-ordinator: Helle Bøgelund, Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Ph. +45 33 13 40 22