Urban Play – art and architecture at the harbour

contemporary art_architecture_råderum_forest&landscape     

May 4 – September 15 2012

Visit the exhibition Urban Play in Søndre Havn, Køge. Here you will find new meeting places, viewpoints and spaces, which have emerged as artists, and architects have created works specifically for this site. You can explore the harbour’s unique environment and weave your way through Rebar’s labyrinth of pine poles, enjoy the view from the huge snail staircase, made of Happyspace, or dip your toes by Rintala/Eggertsson’s floating bath pavilion.

Artists and architects form all over the world create works for Urban Play: Rebar Group (USA), Rintala/Eggertsson Architects (NO/FI/IS), Raumlabor (DE), Ditte Hammerstrøm, Claus Bjerre and Jeremy Walton (DK), Happyspace (SE), Jesper Aabille (DK), Keri Smith (CA), Monika Gora & Gunilla Bandolin (SE).

The exhibition winds through the harbour’s special landscape of water, sand and cement grey industry. Here, companies have diligently worked to build concrete silos and giant towers of timber. Now artists are exploring the materials already in the harbour, and are diving into the sand, spreading grain and building in wood.

The exhibition is a meeting between architecture and art where you can experience the industrial landscape of the harbour in new ways. During the next decades, Søndre Havn will experience an extensive urban renewal and here Urban Play highlights the port’s current unique atmosphere and adds new layers of poetic and playful narratives. Art meets play and inspire new ways to use the harbour area. The artworks sneak in between the big silos and small sheds at the harbour – and encourage to play, build, climb, explore and play a part in the development of the harbour yourself.

Søndre Havn is a unique place where klondyke and industry, water and land meet and open spaces collide with alleys and gaps. Urban Play points to the stories, people and materials of the harbour as the core for the new urban development. Under the motto ‘life before the city’ Urban Play is part of Køge Kyst’s strategy for using temporary cultural interventions as a process for developing the harbour area.

Keep up on urbanplay.dk where you can read about the exhibition, the artworks, the artists and the place.

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contemporary art_architecture_råderum_forest&landscape