Urban Action #2: Urban Recipes hand-out

December 1. Råderum will perform it’s second urban intervention. This time the office for contemporary art will hand out urban recipes informing people on how to create a urban spot for themselves and others.

Read and download the first five urban recipes (in Danish) here

Park(ing) Day, Urban Breakfast or Guerilla Gardening – there are lots of possiblities if one wants to challenge the conventional urban space! The intervention of Råderum will give all urban activists a helping hand! From an open-source point of view Råderum in cooperation with Danish and international artists and artist groups has collected five recipes aimed at generating an alternative and open urban space.

Wednesday December 1st. between 8 am and 10 pm Råderum will hand out urban recipes to all interested passers-by at Nørrebrogade by Dronning Louises Bridge. After the intervention all recipes will be available for download at the website. Here you can also contribute with your own urban recipes

Consistently Råderum will add more recipes. Also Råderum will initiate more urban actions from the recipe collection – such as Park(ing) Day and Urban Furniture workshops.