Social Bicycle sculptures at Roskilde Festival

This year Råderum participates at Roskilde Festival with the social bicycle sculptures – artistic, playfull and sustainable sculptures on three wheels. Fresh festival participants may pedal, tired legs can avoid carrying luggage and everyone will get free attention on the way.

Råderum, Roskilde Festival  Råderum, Roskilde Festival Råderum, Roskilde Festival  Råderum, Roskilde Festival  Råderum, Roskilde Festival    Råderum_Roskilde Festival

Råderum invites the festival participants to join a fun and creative biking trip with the risk of getting new friends, chants and wondering glances on the trip. The participants will get an alternative to dragging tent and sleeping bag from the train to the camp – Råderum gives a ride! For the festival Råderum has created three new social bikes. Roskilde Festival is a unique place for communities, music and creativity – and a biking trip at the festival is much more than just a biking trip…

The bikes are made out of recycled old post bikes as a project for the students at creative bike design at Produktionsskolen Fabrikken in Tårnby.

The project has been supported by Green Footsteps LAB and Bicycle Innovation Lab. One of the three social bicycle sculptures will become part of the bicycle library at Bicycle Innovation Lab at Amager where you can borrow it. The two other bikes will become part of Green Footsteps LAB.

For more information about the project, interviews or press photos please contact Kirstine Schiess Højmose: / +45 25330082 or Berit Kingod: / +45 30313244.


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