Råderum’s social bicycle sculpture

Råderum have in collaboration with the bicycle enthusiasts Simon Ingemar and Anders Mogensen constructed a community-bicycle – a sculptural vessel for joining people together in new ways and making space for creativity and play in public space. The bike is at the same time a new statement in the debate about developing a sustainable city and the citizens of Copenhagen as well as tourists can experience the city in a new way.

The bicycle is for three persons – if one is missing the bike does not work and you need to collaborate to get the bike running.

To extend the community around the bike trips Råderum will produce a collection of bicycle maps which will be extended as cyclists borrow the bike and return it together with new ideas for maps – showing as an example a recipe for a biking route or telling a story from the trip.

The bike will be part of Bicycle Innovation Lab opening at Prags Boulevard, Amager during fall 2011. Here the bicycle will join the bike library where you can borrow the social bicycle as well as other bikes. Until the Lab opens you can borrow Råderum’s bike from Miljøpunkt Amager at Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3, 2300 København S. Please contact Råderum to book the bike kirstine@raaderum.com.


The bicycle sculpture has been supported financially by Miljøpunkt Amagers Miljøpulje and Amager Øst Lokaludvalg.