An empty glass room in the Red Cross asylum department at Rosenørns Allé 31 is transformed into a temporary exhibition space from 1 December 2014.

As the curator Råderum have pointed to the Danish artist Heidi Hove, becoming the first artist to occupy the small space.

Heidi has created the exhibition LANDSCAPE that takes the form of an intervention inside and in front of the building.

The exhibition LANDSCAPE consists of two works, both inspired by the outdoor environment in a region far away, where conservation and protection of urban space is done with random resources, whatever available at hand. A plant is fenced by water bottles, and fractures in the pavement are repaired ad hoc with cement fillings. Not even are they solidified, before eager feet have put a lasting imprint on the soft coating.

The exhibition engages in a dialogue with the room’s surroundings, comments on themes related to asylum policy and revolves around how tracks a left in public space.

LANDSCAPE is accompanied by the publication FOOTPRINTS.

The exhibition can be seen from Rosenørns Allé 31 at any time of day from 1 December 2014 to 12 January 2015.

Opening: Monday. December 1, 2014 at 4 – 6 pm.

LANDSCAPE is accompanied by the publication FOOTPRINTS.

The work in front of the building is created right before the opening with the help of four children from Kongelunden.

The exhibition is curated by Råderum – mobile office of contemporary art and initiated by Red Cross.