KNUDEN- Container collective, Ørestad

Råderum is part of KNUDen –  the new artistic container collective in Ørestad Nord – other artist groups are: Büro Detours, Wood Works, Giv rum.

At the invitation of the Danish organization for urban development in the new city area “Ørestaden” – Ørestad Nord Gruppen- Råderum has been asked to participate in upgrading the area and turn it into a some what vibrant and exiting place. Within the last 10 years the area has been going through a large transformation but as it often happens with new urban areas, it lacks city life and community. So as a new initiative a container community named KNUDen has been set up to connect the artistic forces in the area and create an alternative environment in between the massive institutions that are located in Ørestad – the University of Copenhagen, The Danish Broadcasting Network and the IT University. In this connection Råderum will move its office to the temporary container village for the summer and fall to be present for all its partners and the citizens living in Ørestad.

The other artist collectives in the container community are Buro Detours ( , Wood Works ( Giv Rum (

Former events hosted og co-hosted by Råderum at KNUDen:

Housewarming Friday June 4 from 4 pm

Guerilla Gardening intervention Sunday  June 20:

Råderum created a gardening intervention “Guerilla Gardening” in Ørestad Nord. Råderum engaged artists, residents of the area and students in planting flowers and green plants at specific deserted areas of Ørestad.

Guerilla Gardening took place June 20 at 11 am.