Julie Boserup’s art work for the new Department of Surgery

dagskirurgi hvidovre hospital_collage_samtidskunst_skitse dagskirurgi hvidovre hospital_collage_samtidskunstdagskirurgi hvidovre hospital_collage_samtidskunst_offentlig udsmykning dagskirurgi_samtidskunst_kunstnerisk udsmykning dagskirurgi_samtidskunst_kunstnerisk udsmykning

Råderum has invited the Danish artist Julie Boserup to create a new sitespecific art piece for the New Department of Surgery at Hvidovre Hospital. Boserup primarily works with the media of drawing, collage and photography creating new spatial takes on everyday life. For the new piece she uses light and the illusion of light to create a visual and spatial experience. Taken from the fact that the daylight has a healing and calming impact the art work gives the waiting patient a chance to sink into the perspectives of the collage instead of sinking into deep thoughs about the upcoming operation. The art project will be revealed approx. February 1 2013. For more info about Julie Boserup: julieboserup.com