Jeanette Hillig’s art works for the Department for Palliative Care

Jeanette Hillig’s pieces for the Department for Palliative Care (department for dying patients) are the first of a series of art projects for Hvidovre Hospital initiated by Råderum – mobile office for Contemporary Art.

The artists are creating site specific and engaging projects in the hospital.

The focal point of the art projects is to enhance the personal experience of the patient in the hospital and give these patients a breath of fresh air, a space to reflect and a unexpected meeting with the hospital as institution. A meeting that might end up supporting the healing process. Hvidovre Hospital as institution contains a diverse spacial and mental range of situations. This specific context demands a multifaceted palet of artistic strategies and expressions. The selected artists for the first four projects reflect this need for diversity. By creating new site specific art works in respect of the demands of the chosen department the patients, the relatives and the hospital personal get a unique and sensuous experience playing an active and positive part in the everyday life at the hospital.

Råderum has chosen Danish artist Jeanette Hillig (b. 1977) for the project at the Department for Palliative Care. Her art works add character and a unique aesthetic expression to the department. In respect of the very serious situation that the patients, their relatives and the employees are in, Råderum has chosen Hillig’s threedimensional paintings. Paintings that gives comfort but also challenges the viewer. Hillig combines shapes that are concrete and wellknown in surprising ways and experiments with the composition, the colours and the lines. The art works do not claim to have a specific symbolic meaning but let the viewers use their imagination to do the interpretation.