Residency in Cuba in April
A residency granted by the Danish Art Counsil enabled me to stay three weeks in Havana, visiting the 10th Havana Biennial and the Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa.
“Integration and Resistance in the Global Era” will be the central topic of reflection for this years biennial. The Havana Biennial was established in 1984, long before the worldwide boom of Biennials in the Mid-nineties. Its first edition was focused on artists from Latin America and the Caribbean who live or have their cultural roots there. Since the 2nd Havana Biennial in 1986, the focus was extended to include Africa and Asia, thus becoming the most important meeting place for artists from “non-Western” countries.

Adopting the city of Havana as his laboratory, Carlos Garaicoa has been working since the early 1990s using a multidisciplinary approach that includes architecture and urbanism, narrative, history, and politics. His works are charged with provocative commentary on issues such as architecture’s ability to alter the course of history, the failure of modernism as a catalyst for social change, and the frustration and decay of 20th-century utopia.