Ultragrøn’s artwork for the new Department for Dialyses

  folkebåd_kunst udenfor_samtidskunst_charlotte bagger brandt

The artist duo Ultragrøn has create a site specific artwork that is be integrated in the new Department for Dialysis. An outdoor area – a large slope – surrounding the windows to the unit and the patient rooms is the vantage point for the 3D installatory painting that Ultragrøn has created. The artwork will be a story of a trip at the old folkboat ‘Siw’ from the 1060s. In late summer 2011 Ultragrøn went on a trip sailing up the Swedish west coast – a trip that offered challenges and experiences, which will now live on for the patients in the hospital.

The boat is docked on the slope outside large windows of the department and is surrounded by seamarks, which glows in the dark. From the patient’s point of view, one can look out on the boat and the seamarks through a window covered with blue foil creating a feeling of being out on a sea voyage. At the department’s walls are maritime reliefs that connects the boat outside with the indoor space and creates a complete sitespecific installation.

Ultragrøn has been working with art in public spaces for several years. Their works are often whimsical, colorful and spectacular in their architecture as well as in their content. They have exhibited at numerous Danish art institutions such as Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, KØS and Copenhagen Art Festival and have participated in festivals and projects such as the Roskilde Festival, Trailer Park Festival, Distortion and Visit Tingbjerg. Read more at www.ultragroen.dk

samtidskunst_offentlig udsmykning_dialyse_ultragrøn