Site-specific Art Work

The artistic work of Mette Winckelmann on site in Trekroner is now in its last phase. We look forward to invite you in spring for the openingThe work of art has been created specifically for the site with a focus on both the landscape and the building materials of the place and in close cooperation with the builders and the architect. Hence the artwork naturally intertwine into many different places in the relatively large area and becomes an included part of the site. The work consists of a large number of circular shapes twenty-one in all, which assumes various forms and functions such as a multi-course for ball games, a sensory garden, seating furniture, asphalt pavements, a sundial and an observatory. All parts of the artwork are found in common areas where forms and are public sites for gathering, contemplation and being together.  The various elements connect the close community to the great cosmic community to which the patterns of the different circles refer.

Foto : Råderum

Foto : Råderum

Connect is a new public site-specific artwork created by visual artist Christian Elovara Dinesen in close collaboration with Raaderum. The work is a sound and light sculpture placed under the wooden crowns in a new youth park in Bolbro, Odense. The work consists of an illuminated rotating mirror ball with built-in speakers, which is placed on an old-fashioned lamppost, beneath the lamppost is a pla
tform of black smooth marble. The sculpture creates an intimate, cool and beautiful space in the corner of the new youth park. As a visitor to the park, you can “connect” to the speaker inside the mirror ball and play music. In this way, the artwork becomes an obvious meeting place for young people to hang out with each other and meet through music. It is the Områdefornyelsen, DitBolbro, Odense Municipality, which initiated the transformation of the new youth park, it is happening as part of a major area renewal in Bolbro, which you can read more about here:

The work is supported by Odense Art Fund.

Foto: Råderum
Foto: Råderum



In the coming year Råderum is producing a social art project: HOME. It takes place in two different residential areas in the city of Roskilde. The idea is to create a relevant and engaging art project where the process and dialogue between the artist and the residents is an essential part of the project itself. The participating artists are: Seimi Nørregaard, Arendse Krabbe and Mette Møller Overgaard. HOME is currently in the research phase and can be experienced in August 2020.

Roskilde Municipality and Roskilde Festival are initiators of the project. It is made in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art and Aaben Dans, Roskilde. Supported by The Arts Council.

Jesper + HJEMgrafik

ATTITUDE tattoo on buildings

Young people from Funen are producing the final works that in the end will tattoo buildings in Assens, Ringe and Odense. The works are the result of a series of artistic workshops facilitated by visual artist Christian Elovara Dinesen together with Råderum. In this workshops the young people worked with urban development and creative collaboration. They have worked 1:1 on selected buildings, where they have drawn with tape. They have also created their own logo and brand and made a collection of T-shirts. In the end of November and the beginning of December the sites will be inaugurated with food and performance.

The project has been created with the support of culture region Funen’s youth fond and is a collaboration with the area renewal Bolbro – Odense Municipality, FGU Southern and Central Funen, FGU-Funen, Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality and Assens municipality.

Foto: Råderum

Foto: Råderum




Råderum is a permanent participant in the research network TAKEPART. Being a part of the network qualifies our work with participation and social sustainability within the art field. It makes us sharpen the possibilities of aesthetic organization and allows us to reflect with other European researchers and cultural actors who are also active in the field. We investigate how the different forms and motivations of participation culture come together. And we are exploring whether and how artistic, social and political participation interacts. TAKE PART has more than 80 members from seven universities and 25 culture (research) institutions and has partnerinstitutions in Crotia and England The network is based at Aarhus University, where there is a strong research environment around participation (including a research group on Participatory Culture, and the journal, Conjunctions: Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation).

forskernetværket TAKE PART

Forskernetværket TAKE PART. Foto: Råderum


Foto: Anders Sune Berg

Foto: Anders Sune Berg

The Danish Art Council and Kokkedal På Vej commission Råderum – to commute

Eva Koch’s new public artwork: Skålen og Perlen

The artwork is a new site-specific installation for Holmegårds Plads in Kokkedal. The artwork is located in the conjunction to a school, a care center, a shopping center, bike paths and a road. Eva Koch has created a unifying space that changes expressions during the day. A bowl coated with white and gray marble gravel that gives the surface a bright, unifying and uniform expression. The second element is a sculpture standing high up on the care centers roof, the sculpture looks like a pearl. The pearl contains a powerful projector, which in the evening and night hours projects images of poppies down into the square. In twilight, the square transforms itself into a field of poppies, as a picture of the night’s dreams.


Twilight walk – joined the twilight walk with art, light and music on February 21 in Kokkedal. The reason is Eva Koch’s new public video artwork: The bowl and the pearl. In the twilight you have the opportunity to dive into Kokkedal as a place when locals invite inside with stories about the place and soup.

Foto Rune Brandt Hermannsson

Foto Rune Brandt Hermannsson


Concret and neonlight becomes one at night

In Ringe city, is the artwork Termini, a big bombastic and beautiful bench made out of concrete by the artist and architect Poul Ingemann. The youngsters use the bench at night as meetingpoint. This has inspired the artist Christian Elovara Dinesen to perform the bench with LED-light, so it lights up in the dark. The performance is done in co-lab with the youngsters from Fåborg-Midtfyns production-school. Together they have tuned the bench, themselves and their rides in a magical way. The contrast between the classic bench and the futuristic techno light is both funny and strong, and creates new life to the art-bench in Ringe. In November the final party will stand, with a massive city performance and a techno party with brezzers and loud bass.




#VærkdinVerden is an exhibition taking shape as a campaign. It runs throughout November 2018 in 7 cities in Denmark and on social medie. The aim of the campaign is to bring art into everyday life and engage the recipients in an eye-leveled conversation about its affect and value.

The main vision of #VærkdinVerden is to bring increased attention to art in public space, and provide a framework that generates numerous perspectives and stories on the art that surrounds us. 8 artists produce new art works for the exhibition involving short some-videos, performances, parties, apps, encouragements, interventions, modified and new statements on art, and a lot more. Each artwork will enter in to dialogue with 7 existing public art sites across Denmark and be produced in collaboration with its users.

The 8 participating artists are: Tanja Nellemann Poulsen, Christian Elovara Dinesen, Kristoffer Akselbo, Charlotte Haslund-Christensen, Jacob Tækker, Within Walls, Jens & Morten og Lars Arrhenius.

The 7 public art sites are: A school, a hospital, a park, a town, a village, a residential area and a train station. The sites a chosen as 7 examples of how art can be part of everyday spaces, and

#VærkdinVerden happens November 1 to November 30, 2018.

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What would a work of art tell us if it could speak?  As part of the process of creating #VærkdinVerden, artist Jacob Tækker has made a workshop together with a 7th grade at Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus. In this little stop motion created by the youngsters together with Jacob the students let a tennis ball go for a walk around the school so that we get a guided tour with the ball. What we are introduced to is as a building-integrated work of art by artist Rose Ekén. Her work hides around the school disguised as things we know from our everyday lives: capsules, a suspended jacket, milk boxes, a diet and a birthday party, the objects are shaped in iron and painted so that they look like something we know – until we get up close and discover that they are different.







Copenhagen Art Week 15


Hanstholm Lighthouse


Copenhagen Art Week 14



Public Park, East Jerusalem


Art at Hvidovre Hospital

Social Bicycle Sculptures at Roskilde Festival

Urban Play – contemporary art, play and movement in urban space


Urban Action #3: Park(ing) Day

Urban Action #4: Park(ing) Day

Faites comme chez vous and Visual Report, Dakar

Bifrost – an artistic sculptural piece for Roskilde Festival 2011

Råderum’s social bicycle sculpture

The swinging garden – Spring Festival at Nørrebro

The public art project “Vores Kunst”


Conference: Contemporary art, play and temporality

KNUDEN – Container collective, Ørestad

KUBE – New house for culture and activity at Frederiksberg

Make Yourself at Home

Urban Action #1: Guerilla Gardening

Urban Action #2: Urban Recipes – hand out

Urban salons 2010



For Your Eyes Only

Værker der virker / Works at work