Struer Tracks amplifies the harbor


Råderum curates Struer Tracks – an international biennial of sound art, that takes place in Struer in August 2021 with the theme “Landscapes of Sound”. This is the third time the biennial runs and as something special, it takes place in the public space with Struer’s harbor as the center. Here, the invited artists examine the psycho-geography of sound and work with the harbor’s associative space. Elements we do not normally notice will be enhanced through sonic site-specific narratives, which allow the audience to immerse themselves in different corners of the harbor. Via the sound, the works of art will open up the area’s cultural history and invite sensuous encounters with other species, hidden existences, and hidden infrastructures. The audience is invited to hear the mussels munch, watch dancing unfold on a silo, and compose their own soundscape on a bike ride. One can also sit in a pavilion and listen to the wind harp playing, or zoom in on the history of shit through sound from sewer and intestinal systems. Things that are not visible thus emerge and provide extra layers that we do not normally notice in our everyday movements and chores in the city spaces.

Experience Struer Tracks edition #3 from August 20 to September 5th 2021. The participating artists are Arendse Krabbe, Brandon Labelle, Jana Winderen, Kaffe Matthews, Ragnhild May, Se byen vertikalt (See the city vertically), Tarek Atoui and Vinyl -terror & – horror.

Read more about the biennial on Struer Tracks’ website.