Urban Play salon no. 1

juni 5th, 2010

Urban Play – Salon for play, arts and performativity in urban space

June 23 10 – 12 am

Råderum and landscape architect Bettina Lamm will lead an informal discussion about play, arts and performativity in urban space. The field of art and play could potentially be a innovative way to explore and transform our cities and how we perceive our surroundings. Urban space can be looked upon as an arena on which we as humans perform through behavior and movement. New artistic and architectural interventions can set the body in motion, offering new possibilities for action and changed social scenes.
The salon takes place in the artistic  container community KNUDen in Ørestad Nord, where Buro Detours, Giv Rum, Wood Works and Råderum at the invitation of Ørestad Nord Group will be present through the summer and autumn of 2010.

10-11 am: Urban breakfast

Intro by Bettina Lamm (landscape architect, LIFE)  & Charlotte Bagger Brandt (Råderum)
Presentations by:
Christian Fumz, Giv Rum
Søren Lindgreen, Urban breakfast

Kl. 11-12

Participants: Charlotte Bagger-Brandt (Founder and curator, Råderum), Bettina Lamm (landscape architect, LIFE), Christian Fumz (Giv Rum), Monica Gora (artist and landscape architect), Søren Lindgreen (Urban Breakfast and Cph Wood Works) Solvej Reigstad (Architect and head of development, Ørestad Nord Group), Siv Ravn Andersen (Chief Consultant, Køge Kyst), Laura Munch (Senior Consultant, the Danish foundation for Culture and Sports facilities, and co-organizer of street football tournament for women), Kjersti Wikstrøm (Curator, Danish Architecture Centre), Lone Loklint (Alderman for Culture, City of Frederiksberg,jury member on KUBE, new house for culture and activity in Frederiksberg).
The Salon is made possible by the Reachout-programme, CKO

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