The Art Lab-baton at Alt_Cph16 Crosscuts!

september 22nd, 2016


The second part of the Art Lab-baton participates at this year’s Alt_Cp16 Crosscuts.

Sujan Dangol is a Nepalese artist and performer and is part of the artist collective Guthi. He works both with traditional medias such as painting and sculpture, but his praxis also consists of more unconventional methods such as social intervention and citizen involvement. At Alt_Cph16, he will, alongside volunteers, make a sculpture of recycled material at the local recycle station near The Factory of Art and Design.

Sujan will be joined by Ahmad Thian Vultan and Kiki Rasmadi Permana alongside other artists from the Indonesian artist collective Jatiwangi Art Factory. The collective works with red bricks made from locally produced clay. At Alt_Cph16 Crosscut, they will contribute with the project Hanyaterra, a musical ceramics festival, where locals are engaged in a performance, in which they are instructed to play on clay instruments created by the collective, and locals are encouraged to bring their own ceramics, so new sounds can be added to the collective harmony.

Photo: Jatiwangi Art Factory during their musical ceramics festival Hanyaterra. Photo: Jatiwangi.

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