Invitation to ART LAB #3

november 24th, 2016




We would like to invite you to ART LAB 3# The Final Conversation taking place at Rønnebæksholm Wednesday November 30th.

As a part of Råderum’s residency programme ART LAB, four artists of different backgrounds have gone together in order to create the frame work for a collective re-actualization of the history of Rønnebæksholm, as it was written in the middle of the 19th century by the poet Grundtvig and his wife Marie Toft. It’s a story of love, democracy, religion and questioning society’s rules and conventions.

But what does that story mean today? Which elements affect our individual interpretation of it, and which dilemmas does it put us in? Can we disturb it, deconstruct it in order to reconstruct it differently according to current premises?

Through three interconnected art workshops, the four artists will bring you, the participants, through a collective re-writing of the story of Rønnebæksholm. By making you engage in different medias of art, we will try to render visible (and fill in) the gaps and uncertainties that appear when history is translated into the present.

ART LAB 3# The Final Conversation takes place as aconversation relay that is shaped in the making by the active participation of the participants and with art as its tool.


There will be sandwiches served from 11:30am. Coffee and cake will be served as part of the conversation.


The event is free of charge and will take place from 12am until 3pm in the stable building in front of the white main building.
Sign up by sending an e-mail to – write your name and a few lines about yourself. Limited number of participants.


Rønnebæksholm 1
4700 Næstved
Find your way here.


You can read more about ART LAB here.

Mehdi el Ghaly
 is a story teller from Marrakesh. He brings the old Moroccan tradition into the 21st century and has participated in this year’s Marrakesh biennale as well as the Atlas Electronic festival. Ahmed Borham is an architect and urban planner from Cairo. He works with urban activism in Egypt with a special fokus on the political and social meanings of space. The two Danish artists Jette Gejl og Sophus Ejler Jepsen have worked with the meal and its aesthetical potential for conversation.

ART LAB#3 is part of the Images Festival 2016 and is a collaboration with CKU and Rønnebæksholm.

ART LAB is supported by Statens Kunstfond and CKU.


Photo: Sophus Ejler Jepsen



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