Nordens Søpark, Trekroner Roskilde

HERFRA VI STÅR  – a new large art project with visual artist Mette Winkelmann is being prepared for Trekroner. Mette Winkelmann creates a building-integrated work of art for a new housing project in Trekroner, Nordens Søpark. The work has been created specifically for the site, focusing on both the landscape and the site’s building materials and in close cooperation with builders and architects. The work will be completed in spring 2019 and the opportunity to be involved in the process from building start creates an interesting and unique framework and enables an aesthetic extra layer throughout the whole area thus adding a different storytelling to the site.


Råderum is through the whole process as a facilitator with a view to organizing the processes of art in the major construction work and dissemination of it. The entrepreneur is AKF and the architect is Danielsen Architecture. The project has recently been awarded DKK 200,000 from the Danish Art Council and has an total project economy of DKK 1,500,000.


Mette Winkelmann has an Exhibition at Gl. Holtegaard