What is the sound of a Landscape?

Råderum is invited to curate the next sound art Biennial Struer Tracks #3 – Sound Scapes. The curatorial focus is on how sound can add layers to this given specific situation and site thus creating a new landscape or site, be it of the water, the architecture, former cultural stories and so forth. My interest […]


I AM NOT A MISTAKE – and other personal statements, is a performance, a hike and a choreography curated by Råderum in late summer. The artist Molly Haslund made the artwork in close collaboration with 2B from Hvidovre high school. It was performed and shown around Hvidovre and in front of Hvidovre town hall on […]

Site Specific art and building integrated art

On behalf of the Danish Art Council Charlotte Bagger Brandt works as an advicer on site specific art in public space and public institutions. Advice is given in an interesting range of public institutions that require very different facilitation processes and artistic approaches. such as the Danish Building and Property Agency,the Danish Defence and local […]