#VærkdinVerden is an exhibition taking shape as a campaign. It runs throughout November 2018 in 7 cities in Denmark and on social medie. The aim of the campaign is to bring art into everyday life and engage the recipients in an eye-leveled conversation about its affect and value.   The main vision of #VærkdinVerden is […]


Concret and neonlight becomes one at night In Ringe city, is the artwork Termini, a big bombastic and beautiful bench made out of concrete by the artist and architect Poul Ingemann. The youngsters use the bench at night as meetingpoint. This has inspired the artist Christian Elovara Dinesen to perform the bench with LED-light, so […]


Nordens Søpark, Trekroner Roskilde HERFRA VI STÅR  – a new large art project with visual artist Mette Winkelmann is being prepared for Trekroner. Mette Winkelmann creates a building-integrated work of art for a new housing project in Trekroner, Nordens Søpark. The work has been created specifically for the site, focusing on both the landscape and […]