ALT_CPH 16. Copenhagen’s alternative art fair Alt_Cph will be curated by raaderum in 2016. Using the term crosscuts we link artist run platforms from very different parts of the world to be able to consider them in a helicopter perspective. Using this approach allow us to see them, not as alternatives to established systems, but […]


ART LAB #3. Whereas Art Lab #2 unfolded as a hands-on conversation about the potentials of art when crosscutting with everyday life, Art Lab#3 takes the conversation back to its reflexive starting point. Beginning at the Royal Danish Academy, Art Lab #1 gave voice to six upcoming curators who shared knowledge and ideas across their cultural […]


  URBAN RECIPE #10. Under the title Strategies to Minimize the Error the artist duo Oscar de Carmen & Martinka Bobrikova did the 10th recipe in the Raaderum’s Urbane Recipes Series. Strategies to Minimize the Error is an illustrated dumpster diving manual in six easy steps. The recipe goes through the basic processes in dumpster diving […]