Conference: Contemporary art, play and temporality

august 4th, 2010

The conference will take place October 14 at University of Copenhagen, Ørestad North and will be held in connection to the temporary artistic developing project KNUDEN.

The conference is arranged as a collaboration between landscape architect Bettina Lamm, LIFE, KU and curator Charlotte Bagger Brandt, RÅDERUM – office for contemporary art.

Within the last couple of years a blurring of the borders between art and urban planning has occurred. An increasing number of contemporary artists create art works aimed at kick start dialogues with public space and urban life. At the same time an interest in working with inclusion and temporality in public space has arisen amongst urban planners and landscape architects. Both fields are currently contributing in reformulating our urban space through play, staging and involvement.

The invited contributors for the conference represent various approaches to the field of urban development, contemporary art, play and temporality. Among these are American ReBar and German Raumlabor lecturing about art, activism and urbanity. The conference will also include workshops with artistic, playful and creative content.

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