ART LAB #3 // Participants

oktober 29th, 2016


Råderums lab of exchanges ART LAB is approaching its third and (for now) last attempt, which will take place from the 14th to the 30th november 2016 in collaboration with Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm.

We will continue the conversation on contemporary aesthetic issues and methods. It is our pleasure to announce the artists that we have invited to come and initiate this conversation.

From Marrakesh, we have invited Mehdi el Ghaly, who describes himself as a storyteller rather than an artist. He brings the old storytelling tradition of Marocco into the 21st Century. This year, he has participated in the Marrakesh Biennale as well as the Atlas Electronic festival.

At Rønnebæksholm, he will be joined by Ahmed Borham, an architect and urban activist from Cairo. He works with urban activism in a local Egyptian context, in particular examining the political potentials of architecture.

They will enter into dialogue with two Danish artists, Jette Gejl and Sophus Ejler Jepsen. The group will, in the process oriented spirit of the art lab, create the content for The Final Conversation, which will take place at Rønnebæksholm on Wednesday, November 30th from 1-3 pm.


Read more about Mehdi el Ghaly here.

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For more info on ART LAB, click here.

For more info on Rønnebæksholm, click here.


Art Lab is supported by CKU and The Danish Arts Foundation







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